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EMA official sees clear 'association' between AstraZeneca vaccine and blood (07-04-2021)

German CDU chair calls for harder lockdown (06-04-2021)

Macron announces third lockdown (01-04-2021)

Germany limits use of Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccines over health concerns (31-03-2021)

EU leaders back tightening vaccine exports at summit (26-03-2021)

EU to tighten vaccine export rules (24-03-2021)

UK PM to phone EU before Council meeting on Thursday (22-03-2021)

EU Member States to resume Oxford/AstraZeneca rollout? (19-03-2021)

Rutte wins fourth term (18-03-2021)

EU plans to have COVID-19 passport by summer (17-03-2021)

Ireland, Netherlands pause AstraZeneca shots (15-03-2021)

EU countries halt Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine roll-out over health concerns (12-03-2021)

EUCO President challenges UK to show vaccine export data (11-03-2021)

EU-UK relations strained over vaccines and NI protocol (10-03-2021)

'We're tired of being the scapegoat', says von der Leyen (09-03-2021)

Italy blocks export of COVID-19 vaccines to Australia (05-03-2021)

Orbán’s Fidesz leaves EPP Group (04-03-2021)

France and Belgium reconsider AstraZeneca vaccine (02-03-2021)

EU states back plan to expose tax avoidance (01-03-2021)

Council President: 'Difficult weeks' ahead (26-02-2021)

Pfizer vaccine found 94% effective in real world (26-02-2021)

Northern Ireland parties' legal challenge to NI protocol (22-02-2021)

Hungary in multiple issues with ECJ (19-02-2021)

Mario Draghi lays out ambitious reforms for Italy (18-02-2021)

France extends 6pm-6am curfew to the whole country (15-02-2021)

Commission releases European Beating Cancer plan (04-02-2021)

Invitation : Civil Society Days 1-5 March 2021 - Input from FEANI WG SDGs (04-02-2021)

Italian Prime Minister Conte to resign (26-01-2021)

EU puts extra travel curbs on 'dark red' zones (22-01-2021)

Europe reacts to Joe Biden's inauguration (21-01-2021)

Germany extends lockdown, will others follow suit? (20-01-2021) 

Italian PM wins confidence vote, faces tougher test today - 19/01/2021

Armin Laschet elected leader of CDU party (18-01-2021)

EU Agency gives worms the green light for human consumption (14-01-2021)

European Commission denies the existence of COVID-19 vaccine side deals (13-01-2021)

Cyprus asks for vaccines from Israel amid EU delay and Belgium asks for 'fair share' (11-01-2021)

High-level Interdisciplinary Confere nce on the Future of Europe | 28-29.01.21 (09/01/2021)

Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine approved for EU member states (22/12/2020)

EU countries ban travel from UK due to new coronavirus strain (21/12/2020)

EU reveals new cybersecurity strategy (17/12/2020)

EU to unveil landmark law curbing power of tech giants (15/12/2020)

Pressure mounts on EU to approve coronavirus vaccine (14/12/2020)

EU leaders reach new budget agreement (11/12/2020)

Johnson and von der Leyen set Sunday deadline as UK heads towards ‘no deal’ (10/12/2020)

Further pressure grows on Hungary and Poland over their budget veto (09/12/2020)

EU agrees its own 'Magnitsky' regime to sanction human rights abuses (08/12/2020)

Holes appearing in the EU budget blockade (04/12/2020)

UK-EU talks to resume in final push for trade deal (07/12/2020)

Vaccination Plans (01/12/2020)

France to rewrite its part of the controversial security law (01/12/2020)

Protestors clash with police in Paris during anti-security law protests (30/11/2020)

EU countries at odds over ski season (27/11/2020)

German national election set for September 2021 (26/11/2020)

Pensioners protest in Belarus (24/11/2020)

Invitation - "COVID-19: Mitigating Impact & Overcoming the Crisis / Atténuer les conséquences et surmonter la crise – FRRL Aspects" (10/12/2020 - BE-Brussels) (24/11/2020)

EU COVID-19 MSIP (24/11/2020)

Oxford Vaccine shows 70% protection (23/11/2020)

EU Barometer COVID-19 (21/11/2020)

Euro Tech Niversities Alliance : Designing a Resilient Europe (20/11/2020)

EU still deadlocked over budget talks (20/11/2020)

EU row over rule of law continues (19/11/2020)

Bulgaria blocks EU accession talks with North Macedonia (18/11/2020)

Hungary and Poland block EU budget and corona package (17/11/2020)

Pro-EU candidate set to win Moldovan Presidential elections (16/11/2020)


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